What is a Business Administration Degree?

Business Administration Degree programs emphasize many elements of the field. Some students may earn a more general degree, while others choose to specialize in an area such as accounting or marketing. Business Administration can be an extremely popular degree track for students because the skills learned during these programs can be applied to many careers. Individuals who enroll in one of these courses of study can be taught leadership, ethics and communication skills, which can be useful in many future positions.


What kinds of Business Administration Degree programs are available?

Students can earn an Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Business Administration. Since these courses of study are very popular, most schools offer degree programs in Business Administration. Increasingly, many online intuitions also allow students to earn degrees in this field.


What jobs are available for people who earn this credential?

Individuals who earn a degree in Business Administration may be qualified to hold jobs in many sectors, including government, private business, education and retail. However, the positions that people may be qualified to fill vary based on what type of Business Administration Degree they earn.

For example, individuals who have Associate’s degrees in this subject may become tellers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These professionals work in banks and are responsible for processing transactions for individuals who come into the facility. Throughout the day, tellers may perform tasks including cashing checks and making deposits as well as assisting with loan payments. Other positions that individuals who have Associate’s degrees in Business Administration can hold include claims adjuster and sales worker supervisor.
People who have Bachelor’s degrees may be qualified to hold more positions.

For example, these individuals may become financial managers. These professionals oversee the completion of financial reports, create monetary management strategies and direct investment activities, according to the BLS. Individuals who have this degree may also become auditors, personal financial advisers, cost estimators and administrative service managers.

A Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) may allow individuals to hold managerial positions in many companies. These professions can include chief executive officers, general managers, company presidents and chief operating officers. Individuals who hold these job titles generally strive to ensure that businesses meet their objectives and are functioning properly.

For example, many top executives have earned an MBA degree, according to the BLS. Other people who hold MBAs may be qualified to become medical and health service managers, economists, financial analysts, market researchers and bank managers.


What will the future of Business Administration jobs look like?

According to the BLS, many jobs that require Business Administration Degrees can see growth in the future. For example, jobs for bank tellers can increase by about 6 percent through 2018. Financial managers could see an 8 percent growth in the number of available positions. Medical and health service managers may be predicted to see 16 percent more employment opportunities through 2018.


What is the salary for people in these professions?

The salary for individuals who hold Business Administration Degrees varies greatly by what level credential they have and what their exact job title is.


*Source Reference: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. http://www.bls.gov