Courageous Learning Documentary and Higher Education

Courageous Learning Documentary Sheds Light on Role of Higher Education in a Changed Economy

With the economic downturn many adults went back to school to start or finish their degrees.  The Courageous Learning Documentary discusses the response of the education system to a changing student population by highlighting the triumphs and struggles of three adult students: Shawn, Joe and Angeline.  This documentary looks at what the higher education system has done well, where it has faltered and where it can still grow.

As the US shifts from a factory based to knowledge based economy employers have increased demand for a higher educated workforce.  Walter Bumphus, PhD President and CEO of American Association of Community College stated, “If we are going to continue to attract the kind of businesses and industries we need to improve our economy we have got to have a talented educated workforce.”  As a result of the changing economy many adults went back to college to finish a diploma or start their post-secondary education

With the shift to a non-traditional student population the Courageous Learning Documentary outlines how the higher education system has evolved to cater to a new demographic and barriers that exist.  Higher education is growing with their new student demographics, offering online course and competency based transfers giving student’s more flexibility while still gaining an education, but more still needs to be done.  As stated by Andrew Kelly, PhD, “Now we are at a point where we need to go back to the drawing board in some way and think about what the next round of innovation looks like.”

Here is the full documentary video: