Health and Medical Studies

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What is a Healthcare Degree? A degree in the healthcare field can be applied in almost every organization. Earning a healthcare degree can open new doors for a variety of careers in healthcare administration, medical assisting, medical billing and coding, medical transcription, nursing, and patient care. Working adults with a demanding schedule can even pursue a degree in healthcare online to obtain necessary skills to prepare for a career in the administrative side of the…

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Aviation, Auto and Marine Studies

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An Overview of Aviation, Auto & Marine Degrees Degrees in the aviation, automotive, and boating industries offer promising and rewarding career paths. With solid pay, satisfaction, and high demand, these degrees are a smart choice for the technically inclined or adventure minded. Degrees in Aviation Degrees in aviation can be obtained through several different programs. Students interested in entering the aviation industry can choose to get aviation degrees at several degree levels, including certification, an…

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Criminal Justices and Legal Studies

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Government & Legal Degrees Degrees in the areas of law and government cover a wide range of subjects and classes. They allow people to work in the areas of society that help the country function at its highest levels. They also provide people with the chance to make a difference on a large scale. Degrees Available Law and government degrees are available at several levels, anywhere from an associates’ degree to a doctorate. Getting a…

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Skilled Trades and Vocational Studies

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An Overview of Skilled-Trades-Crafts Deciding on a career is a difficult decision. Skilled-trades-craft careers touch every aspect of our lives. A skilled trade and/or craft is an occupation that requires an in-depth knowledge of the processes and skills needed for a specialized sector of work. This knowledge is often gained through on-the-job training, and extensive apprenticeships, along with the ability to make independent judgment calls, a high degree of manual dexterity and in some cases,…

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Business and Management Courses

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The Enduring Value of a Business Degree Even in times of economic prosperity, the value of a college degree cannot be overstated. Yet, not all college degrees are created equal. Some degrees are designed to move a student directly into a very specific field for which an individual needs specialized training and experience. Other degrees impart to the student more general skills and expertise which will serve him or her well in a variety of…

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Education and Teaching Courses

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An Overview of Education Degrees If you are considering a career in teaching, congratulations! You are considering one of the most in demand and rewarding career paths in the country.  There is currently a shortage of qualified teachers in the United States and projected growth according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) is promising, for at least the next 10 years, depending on location and subject specialization. Schools in most cities are struggling…

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Communications and General Studies

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What is Liberal Arts? The term “liberal arts” often has a different definition depending on the academic institution. Some individuals define it as the study of humanities and social sciences, while others believe that mathematics, basic sciences and economics should be included in this category. However, for the most part, a Liberal Arts Degree includes the study of subjects like history, women’s studies, anthropology and English literature, the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Winter 2007-2008 Occupational…

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Fine Arts and Design Courses

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What Can I Do With an Art & Design Degree? It is a common assumption that creative skills aren’t always as lucrative as technical ones. This is by no means certain; art and design degrees can lead to lucrative careers. Art and design degrees offer many benefits beyond the monetary, including creative fulfillment and a love for the career. Art and Design: The Classes One of the advantages of an art and design degree is…

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Math, Science and Engineering Courses

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An Overview of Engineering and Science Degrees In today’s technologically savvy world, pursuit of a career in Engineering or Science is a pretty smart career choice if you enjoy math, science and technology.  The scope and breadth of degrees in these fields is virtually limitless.  The growth potential and salary range in each of these areas is fairly consistent.  A student of engineering must understand the junction of science and math in order to be…

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Information Technology and Computer Courses

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What is an IT Degree? A degree in the information technology field can be applied in every organization. Earning an information technology degree can open new doors for a variety of careers in application development, computer programming, network and database administration, software engineering, and system analysis. Working adults with a demanding schedule can even pursue a degree in information technology online to obtain necessary skills to prepare for a career in the technology field. Depending…

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