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About US Degree Search

USDegreeSearch is a free resource designed for prospective students and their families looking for help finding colleges, graduate schools and career training programs.  Our goal is to assist you with finding the right degree program and education environment for your lifestyle, career goals and current commitments; and then to help you find schools that could be a good match for you.  Whether you’re seeking to attend classes on a campus or study online, we can help you locate a college or university offering the degree program you want to pursue in the environment that is best for you.  If you are considering a college degree at the graduate or undergraduate level USDegreeSearch can be a helpful resource for keeping up with hiring trends in the job market so you know what careers are most in-demand.  Our editorial staff are also always researching the latest information on college tuition costs, ways to save money on your education and how to deal with student loan debt.  You’ll find our articles are always fresh and meaningful with information that can truly help you.

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